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Coronavirus: Unable to Endure Containment, 15-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide

15-year-old girl kills herself after “struggling to cope with the pressure of the coronavirus.” containment ”.

A coach from Bear Creek High School, where Jo’Vianni attended, echoed the mother’s concerns and told Recordnet: “The cause of death is thought to be stress and pressure from home. isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. ”

Dan Hunt, mother of the victim, said her daughter was “bubbly” and “loving” and active on social media. She now wonders if she has had a hard time “coping” with the Golden State’s current housekeeping order to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Hunt told Fox40, “We can’t think our kids are okay just because … I felt like I was doing everything I could as a parent to keep communication open.”

Coronavirus: Unable to Endure Containment, 15-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide

The grieving mother is now determined to share the story of Jo’Vianni to encourage parents and caregivers to closely monitor young people who seem to be doing well.

She said, “I will always do my best to tell the story of my daughter. Sometimes we may have to stop and worry about the children we don’t think we should worry about. Paying homage to his daughter, who loved softball, basketball, and music, Hunt added, “It’s like, how do you explain a girl like her?” If you have met her once, it has had an impact on your life. “

Two students from another school district near Jo’Vianni have died by suicide in recent weeks, as experts warn that social distancing rules prohibiting people from going out or seeing friends and relatives have a detrimental effect on the mental health of many people.

A spokesperson for the Lodi Unified School District, where Jo’Vianni was a student, said, “We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Jo’vianni Smith. Jo’vianni was well loved by the community of Bear Creek High. She participated in a group, played basketball and softball and was known for her cheerful spirit on campus. ”


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