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Coronavirus Spreads 4 Meters in the Air – Study

A new study has revealed that the new coronavirus could spread through the air for about 4 meters (13 feet). More than double the distance currently recommended for social isolation in public, reports a study carried out in a hospital in Wuhan and published by the American Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

The study, led by scientists from the Beijing Academy of Military Medical Sciences, tested air and surface samples from an intensive care unit and a coronavirus treatment unit at the hospital Huoshenshan from Wuhan, the city of Hubei province where the epidemic started.


According to the study, the virus was highly concentrated on the floors of the room, which could be due to “the gravity and the air flow causing most of the virus droplets to float towards the ground”

“In addition, half the samples from the soles of the shoes of ICU medical staff have tested positive,” the study found. “Therefore, the sole of the shoes of medical personnel could function as wearers. “

The world health agency has not yet expressed its opinion on the new deal.


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