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Coronavirus: South Africa Repatriates 150 of its Citizens from China

South African Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize announced the repatriation of 150 citizens living in Wuhan, the city where the Coronavirus is prevalent.

“The repatriation process includes three phases: evacuation, quarantine and reunification. The people who are repatriated are healthy South Africans. We just want to take all of our precautions so that tests are done when the virus can be in its incubation phase. We are in the process of identifying a place for quarantine that meets our criteria. A perimeter will be delimited around this place and will be guarded by the army ”, specified Mr. Mkhize during a press point.

According to RFI, no case of coronavirus has yet been detected in South Africa, one of the most at risk countries on the continent, according to the medical journal The Lancet, but also one of the most prepared. Future returnees have not yet been diagnosed with the virus.

In all, there are nearly 200 South Africans living in the Wuhan region. Authorities have yet to reach them all, but many have already volunteered to be repatriated to South Africa, according to Health Minister Zweli Mkhize.

According to the World Health Organization, China has now notified 75,569 cases, including 2,239 deaths. Data from China continues to show a decline in the number of new cases.


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