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Coronavirus: Life is So Difficult and Unbearable – Ghanaian Student in Wuhan Laments

A Ghanaian student identified as Sakinatu Issaka, who is studying at the School of Environmental Studies, China University of Geosciences in Wuhan has lamented bitterly about how difficult life is as they have not been evacuated.

In a letter written to, Issaka indicated that none of the Ghanaian students in China has contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19) but urgently need to be evacuated as situations have become unbearable for them.

Issaka says that they have been locked indoors for 21 days and counting, and are running out of supplies needed for sustenance as they are beginning to starve.


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Ghanaian students still seek evacuation from Wuhan in China as uncertainties keep increasing

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Making matters worse, there is always news about unpleasant developments around. According to Issaka, staying indoors does not guarantee their safety, and it exposes them to other dangers as well.

The young lady indicates that there have been some students who tried to disinfect their rooms with chemicals such as ethanol but ended up setting their rooms ablaze with the flammable chemical.

All schools have been shut down indefinitely and some including mine, China University of Geosciences, has begun running online tuitions. So, for how long must students continue to live in “anxiety” and “uncertainties” because a head full of fear has no space for dreams? she asked

Even scarier, according to the student from Ghana, is the fact that after 15th February, Chinese workers will resume work meaning there will be an increase in movement of people which will lead to less sanitation and hygiene issues thereby causing more spread of the fatal disease.

Issaka further references that during the SARs outbreak in 2003, in Hong Kong, where the crisis was severe, the virus was contracted by people who were staying indoors and obeying the epidemic control measures given by authorities.

The Ghanaian student pleads that the government listens and evacuates them, which would be a 100% protection against the disease as they are currently not completely safe in any way.

It is reported that when the incident began escalating, different countries including the USA, France, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Mauritania, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Jordan, Iraq and Iran among others came to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan.

In other news, a rarely seen video from 1983 has popped up showing the harsh conditions under which Ghanaians were made to leave Nigeria in the 80s

It is indicated that the mass deported was a presidential executive order for Ghanaians without the right settlement papers to leave Nigeria or risk being arrested

The video shows how countless numbers of Ghanaians had to pack themselves and their belongings rather inappropriately following the order


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