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Coronavirus Fear: Uganda Bans Use of Private Cars, Imposes 14-day Curfew

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has spelt out a raft of measures meant to curb the further spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Speaking Monday during a live update, Mr Museveni put restrictions on the use of private vehicles and imposed a two-week curfew.

“Measure number one is to prohibit all people-to-people movement by everybody including those using their private vehicles, boda bodas, tuk tuks etc,”he said.

The President noted that although restrictions had earlier been made by having private cars carrying only three people, some people had resorted to using their vehicles to transport others, increasing the risk of spreading the virus.


In addition to the banning of private vehicles on the roads for 14 days, President Museveni also imposed a curfew for the whole country to start from March 31, 2020 at 7pm. But he said the curfew however will not affect cargo planes, lorries, pickups and trains.


President Museveni also suspended for 14 days starting April 1 the opening of shopping malls, arcades and hardware shops which he said gather a lot of people to sell and buy non-food items.


All other non-food shops will also be closed for the same period apart from those selling agricultural inputs and veterinary services, detergents as well as pharmaceuticals.

The president said while the Ugandan government had earlier put restrictions on gatherings, there are still windows through which the virus can spread.

He said many travellers have been flouting quarantine measures while others had escaped from quarantine hence the new restrictions.

Museveni also said places like salons and garages will be shut for 14 days starting April 1.

However, essential services like telecoms, banks and private security companies will remain in operation.


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