Coronavirus: Donald Trump in Contact with Infected People But “No Need for a Test,” Says the White House

After giving the impression of underestimating the covid-19 epidemic to the point of having personally been in contact with elected officials currently in quarantine, American President Donald Trump has now changed his language facing the problem. He announced on Monday March 9, 2020 that far-reaching measures will be taken to fight diseases.

The coronavirus is getting closer to Donald Trump. The American president will therefore no longer be able to have the posture of the unruffled leader to play down that he has always had. Because the new worldly evil which presents enormous dangers for the States also disperses in its professional circle.

Five members of Congress, including at least two Republicans who have been close to the President for the past few days, were in voluntary isolation on Monday after being exposed to the virus, but without showing symptoms. One traveled on board Donald Trump’s Air Force One presidential plane on Monday , the other accompanied him on an official visit Friday.


Despite these close contacts, the Republican president did not want to indicate if he had undergone a test to detect if he was carrying the virus. Vice President Mike Pence, however, said he  “sincerely” did not know  if the President of the United States had been tested, but said that he himself had not been tested.

The White House finally confirmed on Monday evening that Donald Trump had not been tested, as CNN had relayed. “The president did not undergo a Covid-19 test because he has had no prolonged contact with confirmed patients, and has no symptoms. President Trump remains in excellent health, and his doctor will continue to follow him closely, “ said White House spokeswoman Stéphanie Grisham.

“It is not the fault of our country”, the world was  “taken aback”  by the coronavirus, launched Donald Trump on Monday March 9, 2020 by announcing that he wanted to see “far-reaching” measures adopted soon in Congress to support the US economy in the face of the consequences of the coronavirus.

The epidemic has already affected more than 600 people in the United States and has killed at least 26 people. Schools have closed and major meetings have been canceled, but for the moment the presidential campaign has not been affected since six states are voting in the race for the Democratic nomination on Tuesday, March 10.


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