Coronavirus / Chinese Virus: U-Turn as Donald Trump and Xi Jinping Agree to Eradicate the Virus

After several weeks of tension, the American and Chinese President spoke by telephone on Friday. The phone call between the two leaders seems to have lowered tensions a notch, because at the end of the discussions, the two men called to pool energies in order to put out to harm the pandemic of the Coronavirus.

In the Cold War for two years, relations between Washington and Beijing have not been warmed since, until the advent of the current health crisis. According to our sources, during telephone conversations, Xi Jinping insisted on cooperation to overcome the pandemic, while establishing a Sino-American relationship without conflict or confrontation.

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This phone call, according to several observers, broke down the barriers of disagreement between the two men and established a climate of peace between Washington and Beijing.

Like his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump still blames the Chinese for being the instigators of this historic health crisis. He therefore indicated that the coronavirus is a ”  Chinese virus  “. In response to this assertion, a Chinese diplomat said that the coronavirus was imported by the United States military into China.

Note that the Chinese authorities have ordered the repatriation of all American journalists from the  Wall Street Journal , the  Washington Post  and the  New York Times  operating in Chinese territory.

This exchange of cooperation comes at a time when the United States and China have respectively recorded 85,000 and 81,340 cases of people infected with COVID-19. With these figures, Beijing assures that the situation is under control.

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