Coronavirus Cases in Spain Top 200,000, Daily Deaths Fall to 399

The cumulative number of coronavirus infection cases in Spain surpassed the 200,000 marks, while the daily number of new deaths dropped to 399, the Health Ministry said on Monday.

Spain’s COVID-19 cases rose from 195,944 cases on Sunday to 200,210 on Monday, the ministry said.

Monday’s death toll is the lowest registered in the past four weeks, in a sign that the coronavirus pandemic in Spain was slowing down thanks to one of the toughest lockdown measures.

Fernando Simon, Director of the Health Ministry’s Centre for Health Emergencies, said these figures are “very promising” and that it was the first day that fatalities were below 400 in four weeks.

Madrid and Catalonia remained the two regions with the highest number of cases, with 56,963 registered cases in Madrid and 41,676 in Catalonia.

Over 80,000 patients have recovered from the illness and have been discharged from the hospital.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Saturday that he would ask parliament to approve a 15-day extension of the ‘State of Alarm’, leaving Spain under lockdown until May 9.

There, however, will be an easing of restrictions for children, who will be allowed outside of their homes from April 27.

Spain is conducting some 40,000 COVID-19 tests daily, an essential measure to slow the pace of coronavirus, Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, said.

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