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Consternation in Italy After Monkeys Cries Addressed to Koulibaly During a Match

Many voices rose after the Franco-Senegalese footballer Kalidou Koulibaly was the victim of imitation monkeys during an entire match in Milan, before finally being released by a contestable red card.

On 26 December, Franco-Senegalese defender Kalidou Koulibaly, playing on the Neapolitan team, experienced a grueling match, harassed by the cries of monkey from the beginning of the match to his exit by red card, as he faced Inter Milan at home.

Proud to be Senegalese, French, Neapolitan, in short a man

The player reacted in a tweet written in Italian: “I am disappointed with the defeat but proud of my skin color, proud to be Senegalese, French, Neapolitan, in short a man.”

Many personalities gave him their support, such as the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala (center-left). In a long post on Facebook, the apostle said: “I will continue to see Inter, but the first” Bouuu “I will make a small gesture, I will get up and I’ll go. I will do it for myself, aware that those who scream against a black athlete will have nothing to do with my reaction. “In the meantime, I apologize to Kalidou Koulibaly, on my behalf, and to the sane Milan who wants to testify that we can feel brothers despite the difficult times in which we live,” he added.

At the first “Bouuu” I will make a small gesture, I will get up and I will go away.


Star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has also rebelled against racist supporters. “In the world and in football, I always want education and respect. No to racism and all forms of discrimination, “he wrote.Read also

The Paris Saint-Germain team during the Champions League match on November 6th.

“French”, “Maghrebi”, “West Indians” … Ethnic registration practices at the PSG are scandalous

Inter Milan hosted the Neapolitan side in a series A match at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium. From the beginning of the meeting, the cries of monkey against Kalidou Koulibaly rocket. Neapolitan coach Carlo Ancelotti was immediately moved. “The federal prosecutor was asked three times to suspend the match because of racist cries. There were announcements made at the microphone but the game continued. It made Koulibaly nervous. Next time, we will leave the field ourselves, it is not acceptable, “he concluded. 

The federal prosecutor has been asked three times to suspend the match because of racist cries

In the second half, a quarter of an hour before the end of the match, while the score was 0-0, Kalidou Koulibaly received a yellow card for contact with the opposing player Matteo Politano. While the Franco-Senegalese defender ironically applauded this card, the referee drew a second, meaning the red and his immediate expulsion from the field. The player went under the cries of monkey fans Milan. The Neapolitan team finally lost 0-1.

Football and racism

The football community is regularly splashed by racist scandals. Among the most recent, the departure of the Mannschaft German player of Turkish origin Mesut Özil  last July. “I will not play international matches for Germany as long as I feel racism and disrespect for me,” he said.

At PSG, the revelation last November of practices of ethnic registration in the recruitment of the playersoutraged the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, who asked the French Football Federation and the League (LFP) “to examine this file “.


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