Conor Mcgregor Proposes New Challenge To Floyd Mayweather

Following his defeat against Mayweather on August 26, Conor McGregor is convinced that he would win a rematch. At a press conference Friday night, the lightweight champion came back on this famous bout. Expressing his discontent, he said:

“What bothers me is the fact that the little boy is already retired. I know that if I did another fight against him, according to the rules of boxing, I would win. I’m sure. I know it because of his feelings during the last fight. ”

“He had to change his whole approach. It has adopted a strategy different from that which it usually uses. He could not understand what I was doing at the beginning, “he added.


“With the lessons I learned from this first fight, if another opportunity presented itself, I would win”

Conor Mcgregor Launches New Challenge to Floyd Mayweather

Although Mcgregor said he is not seeking revenge, he claimed that Mayweather’s excessive spending after this fight could lead to another fight. He also expressed interest in meeting with Mayweather at an MMA.

Returning on spending Mayweather who has just offered himself a $ 26 million home, Mcgregor said, “Well done to him. I think that after spending all this money, I would receive a call from him and I look forward to this moment. ”

What is Mcgregor looking for with his statements? What will Mayweather’s reaction be? Business to follow!


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