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CONIFA: African Referee Uses Green Card at Major Competition (Video)

While the World Confederation of Independent Football Associations (Conifa) has just started, a referee used a green card to punish a player.

The tournament taking place in London is the first major competition to include the use of green card.

The referee Raymond Mashamba released this card during the match between Padania and Tuvalu.


What happens when a player receives a green card?

The rules of the Conifa stipulate that “a player who has received a green card must immediately leave the field of play, but can be replaced if his team has not used all his substitutes. A player who has received a green card is not excluded from the next match. “

Tournament organizer Paul Watson told Sky Sports that the goal is to bring discipline to football.

“We really would like to face the problems of dissent, because football has a problem with the lack of respect for referees. “

“That does not mean that this is not the case at Conifa. The players of our tournament always have these traits. “

Jens Jockel, President of Conifa in Asia, also supports the introduction of green card.

“We had some problems in the past. It is a very good idea to punish fouls that do not really require a red card, such as the use of abusive words, lack of respect towards spectators and coaches. “

The idea of ​​a green card had already been adopted in Italian minor leagues but the Italian football leaders believe that it would have a great effect on the major leagues.

It must be emphasized that Conifa is not recognized by FIFA.

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