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Congo’s Nobel Laureate Doctor In Danger, Receives Series Of Death Threats

How Dr. Denis Mukwege Became a Global Advocate for Rape — Women and Girls

The life of a top Congolese doctor who won the Nobel Peace prize for his work treating war rape victims is in danger after a series of death threats, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said on Friday.

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The threats, received in the form of phone calls to Dr. Denis Mukwege and his family as well as via social media, appeared to be linked to his outspoken criticism of violence against women and other human rights violations, another UN official said.

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“His life seems to be at serious risk,” High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said in a statement, calling for an impartial investigation into the threats.

Mukwege received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for his work as a gynaecologist at the Panzi hospital which receives thousands of women each year, many of them requiring surgery from sexual violence.

The hospital is located in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo where ethnic violence is rife, involving various militia and armed groups, as well as counter-operations by the army.

He has received death threats before and survived an assassination attempt in his family compound in 2012.



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