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Congolese Activist Fined For Stealing African Artefact

Musée du quai Branly head criticises report urging return of African art

A Congolese activist has been fined for stealing an African artefact from a museum in France.

Emery Mwazulu Diyabanza said he took the 19th Century Chadian funeral staff from the Quai Branly museum in June as part of a protest against colonial-era plundering.


Three Activists Who Tried to Remove a 19th-Century African Artwork From the  Quai Branly Museum in Paris Have Been Convicted

Mr Diyabanza intends to appeal against the 1,000 euro ($1,200; £900) fine, reports AFP news agency.

He is quoted by AFP as saying that the “judges of a corrupt government” had no moral right to prevent him “going to get what belongs to us”.

“We will continue the fight with whatever means we have,” he added.


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