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Congo: War of Succession Within the Sassou Nguesso Family

The deaf war that feeds the Nguesso family around the succession to power will soon break out according to several analyzes. In the n ° 776 of the Letter of the continent, it appears that the battle of succession began on May 2nd with the release of the book of the favorite son of the Congolese head of state.

The work ” What I believe “, “program-book” according to the public opinion, is a strong way used by Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso aka “Kiki” to enter the battle for the succession of his father .

The aspirants to the supreme magistracy of the Congo within the family are nevertheless numerous. On the list is Edgar Nguesso, colonel of the Congolese Armed Forces (FAC) and current director of the presidential domain.

The latter, according to the Letter of the Continent, has the support of several other children and nephews of the Congolese president, from the “clan Dirat” named after the first wife of the head of state. It is composed of the girls of Sassou Nguesso: Julienne Johnson, Ninelle Ngouélondélé and Cendrine Sassou Nguesso.


From the same source, we remember that ” Kiki ”, the deputy of Oyo with the support of his controversial sister Claudia alias “Coco” , will have to face another of his ambitious cousins: General Jean Dominique Okemba says ” JDO “, also head of the National Security Council (CNS, information). It has the merit of controlling most of the public administrations and the financial boards of the country.

It should be noted that even if the battle promises to be tough for the various candidates, President Denis Sassou Nguesso has not yet announced any withdrawal from the political scene . Only the most skilful aspirant to be appointed Secretary General of the Congolese Labor Party (PCT), the formation in power, before the end of the year according to analysis, can hope to accede to the presidential chair in the 2021 elections .


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