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Confirmed!! Germany Joins 20 Other Western Countries, Legalizes Straight Marriage!! – Chancellor Angela Merkel Votes Against..

On June 30, German MPs passed a bill to allow same-sex marriage, after Chancellor Angela Merkel abandoned her principled opposition to the issue.

Angela Merkel announced that she had voted against the legalization of gay marriage in Germany, approved by a majority of MEPs, saying that this union remained fundamentally “between a man and a woman”.

“For me, marriage is, in view of our Constitution, a union between a man and a woman, which is why I voted against the proposed law,” Chancellor Chirac told the press.

On June 30, the text, which now states that “marriage is concluded for life by two persons of different sex or same sex”, was approved was approved by a majority of 393 elected constituted of the deputies of the three left parties Represented in the lower house of parliament, social democrats, environmentalists and the radical left, joined by some of the deputies of Angela Merkel’s conservative family. Among the Conservatives, 226 deputies voted against.

Germany will join the 20 Western countries, including 13 in Europe, which have already legalized marriage between people of the same sex. Berlin adopted in 2001 a civil union offering rights equivalent to marriage, except for certain tax and adoption advantages.


The new law, which has yet to be validated by the upper house of Parliament to enter into force, no doubt by the end of the year, will concretely grant homosexual couples the right of adoption.

Angela Merkel herself opened the door to the vote by announcing on June 26 in an interview that she would leave the deputies of her party in the future to vote freely, without instructions on the subject.


But when she planned a vote only after the upcoming parliamentary elections in late September, she was taken by speed by her coalition minority partner, the Social Democratic Party, which imposed a vote a few days later by allying with The two other left-wing movements of the opposition represented in the Bundestag. According to the German media, the Chancellor herself voted against the legalization of gay marriage.


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