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Confidential: “My Boyfriend Does Not Want To Accept My Friend Request On Facebook”

Hello Howafrica, my name is Annick. I want to share my story with you guys in order to get your reasonable responses.

I’m 22 and my boyfriend is 26. I met him when I was 19 years old. We were friends, then I fell in love with him. I waited impatiently for him to propose to me. When he asked me to become his girlfriend, I accepted but he asked me to be discreet about our relationship. I created my account on Facebook and I sent a friend request to my darling. He did not accept my request.

I asked him several times why he did not accept my request, he told me that he rarely went on his Facebook account.


To check if he told me the truth, I made a false account with photos taken on the internet. At the minute I sent him the request, he accepted it. I was so angry that I sent him a message to insult him and tell him that I was the owner of this account. I knew his Facebook account was active and I did not understand why he had not accepted my request.

When he knew it was me he calmed me. At a particular, I took his cell phone to read his messages, he nearly broke my hand. He threatened to take back the phone and the tablet he had bought for me on the pretext that I was tired and that I had the behavior of a good girl.

I would like to know if other women have the same problem as me. Do their men not accept their requests for friends on social networks?

I do not understand why there are men who do not want to accept friends’ requests from their girlfriend of fiancee on Facebook. Why do you hide from someone you love?

Thank you in advance for your kind advice!


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