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Confidence: “When My Wife Is Not At Home, Her Beautiful Sister Walks N*ked In The House”

Hello to Howafrica and its readers, I would like to share with you my story … I wish to remain anonymous to protect my marriage. In addition, I will use borrowed names to tell what happened to me.

My name is Tom and I was lucky enough to marry an exceptional woman. We have known each other for 5 years and we are legally married two years. For me, Lea is more than a blessing. Our meeting changed my life. Her presence at my side made me grow in maturity thanks to her advice and attention.We are both African more precisely, we come from a country in West Africa.

Léa holds an important place in the society where she works so she travels regularly. We want to have a child and we are followed by a fertility specialist and hope that soon and by God’s grace we will have our first baby.



Everything was fine in our little marriage, until Lea’s father asked her to house her half-sister. Indeed, Lea is a motherless orphan. Her father remarried and had two daughters with his new wife. Caty and Aline are two teenage girls, Caty is 18 years old and Aline is 15 years old. Caty seemed to be an adorable girl. She just got her BAC. She must continue her university studies. Being old and retired, my stepfather asked my wife to take care of her education and education of her half-sister.


Unwilling to interfere with his father, Lea accepted his request.

Unfortunately, by accepting her father’s request, my wife brought a devil into our little home. I find myself very often alone with this young lady, this Caty, it is a real phenomenon. Only three months she lives with us but she has a double face. In the presence of her older sister, she plays the timid or the little saints.Once her elder sister is not there, she undresses. Once I was in the shower, she comes in and begged me to make love to her. I had to force her out. I do not know what I will do to resist her anymore because I admit that this Caty has an irresistible body.

In fact, I do not know how to explain to my wife what Caty does in her absence. I do not want to have any problems with my stepfather neither.

Thank you for giving me your opinion as I anticipate patiently.



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  1. My friend, what you should do is simple: tell your wife about it and she’ll kick the crook out of your house. Otherwise, you will either fall into her trap one day or find yourself a victim of false claims from your “sister in-law,” and that will imperil your good marriage.

    You can arrange with your wife to pretend as if she’s traveling again, but she goes to a nearby neighbor’s house that is within minutes to your own house. Then, when your sister in-law’s madness starts, just play it cool and secretly text your wife a special code, not a lenghty text, to bust in and burst the crook, and send her packing. You just cannot allow this problem to fester.

    Don’t waste time with a home wrecker.

  2. Tell your wife now and weave a little plan to expose her, don’t be caught in the web of women and sisterhood. You might also discover that this maybe your wife’s plot to have a baby. Tell her everything. Right away.

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