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Confidence: “I’m A V!rgin But I Just Discovered That I’m Pregnant” … What Do I Do? “

I’m called MD And I recently celebrated my 19th birthday.

Currently I am facing a serious dilemma and a real confusion … I am pregnant, which astonishes me to the highest point. But that is not the problem.

The problem is that I am a virgin and I do not remember having any sane relationship with a man.

I’m so scared and I feel so alone about this situation. I can not sleep. I am still in school and my wish was to wait until I finished my studies before embarking on any romantic relationship. I wanted to study without taking a head. But life is playing a bad trick on me.

It is true that I have a boyfriend but there is nothing serious between us. We just kiss and hug each other. There has never been any penetration, just touching. How can I be pregnant while being virgin?



And since I announced my pregnancy, he avoids me as if I suffer from the plague. I do not know what to do.

I never thought it could happen to me. My life collapses. How can I explain this to my parents so that they believe me since they all know that I am still a virgin.

I am addressing you for advice. Maybe women on this platform have had the same problem that I face today. And I hope wholeheartedly that you could help me find a solution and if possible tell me what was the driving part of the innocent little being living today in the belly of the carefree teenager that I was before this discovery.

What to do? …Help me please!


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