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Confidence: “My Father-in-law Threatens To Tell My Husband That I Am A Former President Of……..”

Hello dear readers of Howafrica, I wish to share with you my story and I hope to receive your advice.

They call me Léonie and I am of African descent. I come from a modest family, my parents always looked after my brothers and me. We received a very good education. When I got the Bac, I was 18 years old and my parents allowed me to settle in the university city. They made me promise to remain always studious. I had to return once a month to see my family.


The university city was another world.

I had a roommate Cécile, a beautiful girl who had all the fashionable clothes. I admired her, she smelled good and walked with such elegance. She found me a little too shy and teased me. She wanted to wear makeup all the time because she found that I did not put enough value with my big skirts. I was proud to wear my clothes because it was my mother, a seamstress by profession who made me all my outfits. The repetitive criticisms of Cecilia and her friends compelled me to hate my clothes.

On my birthday, Cécile offered me a dress, it was so tight that I refused to wear it. She encouraged me and I finally gave in. Then she invited me to the night club. It was my first time. I sat there all night. On our return, she handed me an envelope containing the tidy sum of 200,000 FCFA.



She explained that it was a gift from one of her friends who thought me very beautiful. I refused … but the next day she returned to the charge, in addition to the 200,000 FCFA, she offered me a phone, an iphone.

I began to take a liking to all the money I received. In addition, I was leading a double life. At home, I was still the wise little girl and at university I was one of the most beautiful girls in the city.

For money, I gave my virginity to a gentleman …

Cecile introduced me to all her friends. My first man was called Mister F he was crazy in love and gave me everything I wanted … but I became greedy and wanted more. I went out with other men who offered me trips all over the world.

In class of license, I met Pierre, it was a real love at first sight. We were immediately coupled. I stood up. Pierre asked me in marriage, my parents were against because they found me too young for the wedding, I was 21 years old. We married in secret. My husband’s parents had a lot of money. Pierre explained that his father had offered him his apartment when he was 18 and his parents gave him everything he wanted. I was eager to meet them.

He wanted to surprise his parents, we went home.

I discovered that Peter’s father was Mister F, my first man! Why did my past catch me … I wanted to forget everything. Since that day, Mister F is only harassing me and wants us to continue to sleep together or he will talk about my past to Peter. I’m afraid … What should I do?




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