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Conference of the Asian and African Parliamentarians Project Opens in Accra

A three day conference of the Asian and African Parliamentarians Project opened in Accra today.

It is on the theme: Parliamentarians as the 4th pillar for achieving the 2030 agenda: population, food security and sexual reproductive health.

In his opening remarks the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon Joseph Osei Owusu called on the participants to pay serious attention to female empowerment to help realise targets set for agenda 2030 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as women and girls constitute more than 50% of the population of most developing countries .

Hon Joseph Osei Owusu also expressed concern about the high rate of youth unemployment in Africa.

“With the relatively large youthful population, Africa stands the potential to enjoy a rapid economic growth if its human resource is effectively harnessed,” the First Deputy Speaker said.

He urged the participants to continue the transformation of Parliaments of their countries and ensure that the transformation remains relevant in the midst of the challenges facing the various countries.


A Member of Parliament from Japan Hon Yukio Ubukata said achieving agenda 2030 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a huge challenge that requires strong political will.

According to him MPs must be vehicles for conveying views of the people to government as well as the international community to be addressed to promote their wellbeing.

Hon Dr Abdul Rashid Hassan Pelpuo MP for Wa West and Chairman of the Parliamentary caucus on Population and Development hoped participants of the conference will come out with views to influence policies of their governments on population, food security and sexual reproductive health .

Mr Niyi Ojuolape, Country Representative of UNFPA Ghana said the UN Sustainable Development Goals can’t be achieved without the empowerment of women.

He emphasised the need for Africa to invest more in the youth to position them towards making meaningful contribution to the economic development of the continent.

Mr Ojuolape also stressed the need for comprehensive sexual education for young girls to help them avoid teenage pregnancy and pursue their education to the highest level to widen their opportunities in life


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