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Comedian Joe Rogan Breaks Down In Tears As He Speaks About Chadwick Boseman’s Death (Video)

American comedian, Joe Rogan broke down in tears as he spoke about the death of Chadwick Boseman.


Rogan was on SiriusXM’s “Unlocking the Cage with Jimmy Smith” when the conversation shifted to the death of Chadwick Boseman.


Rogan mentioned that it was horrible that “a**holes” live long while good people don’t.



He said: “Sucks so hard that some a-holes live forever and some really cool people die young.”


He added: “I just looked at the news and said, ‘F*ck!!!!'”


“Just instantly, ‘F*ck’. That guy was cool.”


It didn’t appear that Rogan knew Boseman personally but it’s clear from the interview Joe had a tremendous amount of respect for the “Black Panther” star.


He added during the interview: “He was such a brilliant guy.”


Rogan says he understands the impact the movie “Black Panther” had on the Black community and credits Boseman for playing the lead role to perfection.


He said: “He was so perfect in the role – as a human being outside of the movie, he was so perfect.”


Rogan could barely contain his emotion after he learned Boseman passed away Friday, August 28 after a secret four-year battle with colon cancer.


“It also speaks to his character that he suffered in silence like that and he didn’t make a big deal of the fact he was trying to get through cancer. It’s a bummer man,” he said.


Watch the video below.



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