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Comedian And Actor, Kevin Hart Celebrates 38th Birthday Before the Actual Time!!


Everything in this world has a beginning and an end. And just like we celebrate when we come to an end of some things; like when we finish a certain level of education, we also celebrate the beginning of other things, for instance, birthday.

Birthday is significant to everyone’s life, despite the fact that some of us reach a point in life when we say, “ I hate the day I was born.” This day marks the beginning of life journey, which like any other journey, has both its challenges and most importantly, has positivities too.


Keven Hart too celebrated the day which marked the start of the journey to being a competitive comedy star as far as filming is concerned.

Everything was amazing in Miami for Kevin Hart’s 38th birthday ceremony.

The comedian, whose birthday is July 6th, celebrated somehow early, at the River Yacht Club in Miami, on Sunday, where DJ Irie threw his 13th annual IRIE Weekend bash.

Kevin and a group of 12 buddies arrived at the party in style—on the VanDutch luxury boat. While at the yacht club, the actor alongside his friends shared a cabana and enjoyed a brunch spread.

With several projects in the works, including ‘Jumanji reboot’ and the publication of his first memoir, it has been a very busy year for this entertainer. Hart was even overheard joking to friends that “after all the work I’ve done since last summer, this feels like my 50th birthday.”

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Later, Kevin greeted his guests onstage—where he was presented with a giant, birthday cake from DJ Irie. DJ Eric D-Lux provided the afternoon sound.

All the proceeds from the IRIE Weekend benefited ‘The Irie Foundation,’ that works year-round to create and improve a positive impact on the lives the at-risk youths from South Florida.


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