Colombian President, Prez Santos, To Donate Nobel Prize Money To Conflict Victims

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Sunday that he would donate the money from the Nobel Peace Prize to victims of the country’s 50-year-old conflict.

The $925,000 Prize money will go towards projects, foundations or programs that deal with victims and reconciliation.

According to AFP, Santos said “We’re going to persevere, we will persist, persist, persist and persist until we implement the agreement that was signed” with the FARC guerrillas, Santos said adding: “if we have to make adjustments to what we have already agreed, we will make those adjustments.”


Colombia’s five-decade conflict has killed more than 260,000 people, left 45,000 missing and forced nearly seven million to flee their homes. Under the peace deal, the FARC was to relaunch as a political party. But rightwing hardliners led a campaign against the accord, arguing it offered the rebels impunity for massacres, kidnappings and other crimes committed during the conflict.


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