From Cocaine To P0rn, This ‘Ginormous Map’ Shows What Every Country In The World Is Best At!! (See what your country is best at)

Each nation under this planet is great at something. France is known for their meal, Britain for its rulers (Queens), Brazil its footballers, Germany its lager beer et cetera, however shouldn’t something be said about spots we never know about; like Papua New Guinea and Fiji? All things considered, you know longer need to ponder in light of the fact that this ginormous map reveals all.

The awesome peeps over at ‘Information is Beautiful’ have spent several months collecting and collating all sorts of information from renowned organisations like the CIA (scary), Reuters, BBC, The Economist and Forbes to answer the question on everyone’s minds: what is my country good at?


The map is divided into nine distinct categories: Commodity, psychology, ecology, gastronomy, economy, nicety, humanity, technology and nasty (random).

© Information is Beautiful

© Information is Beautiful

As you can see, the results are pretty hilarious. Angola is really good at ‘child mortality’, Indonesia ‘coconuts’, the UK ‘billionaires’, and Belgium ‘cashless payments’.

China has the most jailed journalists, and Pakistan has the most gay pornography. Rwanda tops the list for most women in parliament, and Tanzania for female workers.

Eye opener.


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