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Citizens Trust Bank!!: The Bank of Blacks By Blacks, With More Than 8,000 African-Americans New Customers In Every 5 Days

In light of the recent murder of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the long list of blacks that were profiled, harassed and / or murdered by the police in recent years, African Americans have decided to storm the social media and the streets to demand change. Thus movements of large companies boycott was launched, when at the same time, calls to support companies and banks owned by blacks, are seeing more and more day.


This movement seems to please the leaders of the Citizens Trust Bank which already now feel the effects of such mobilization. The bank also posted the following message of thanks, accompanied by the hashtag #BankBlack on his Instagram account last Thursday:


The Citizen Trust Bank, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is owned and managed by black for 95 years. In February 2016, the rapper Killer Mike, singer Usher and producer Jermain Dupri gathered in a campaign to encourage African Americans to open new accounts in this bank, to increase to the $ 1 Million capital of the latter.

African-American citizens are therefore urged to remain mobilized and to open an account in a bank in their region (owned by black), with the alternative of subscribing to banks “black” line for those who do not the possibility of finding physical proximity to bank.

What about blacks France? …

Source: byus Media


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