CIMBA MBA Leadership Challenge 2017

Opportunity prize One of several major scholarships for up to $10,000 to attend the University of Iowa’s CIMBA full-time MBA program.

Take the next step with a one-year MBA taught in the north-east of Italy with the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business. With a genuine focus on personal growth and leadership development, the Tippie College of Business is known for its high-level of instruction by top U.S. professors, giving you an internationally recognized degree from a world-class institution.

Why are we offering such a scholarship opportunity?
Identifying prospective students who are truly committed to the demands of leadership development is a difficult task through traditional approaches in candidate selection. This Leadership Challenge provides us with valuable insight into your mindset as well as your ability to focus your personal energy to meet leadership demands. By competing, you will also learn more about the University of Iowa’s CIMBA full-time program and its unique approach to leadership development.

If you truly see leadership as an important part of your future, we encourage you to take the challenge and make the University of Iowa’s CIMBA full-time MBA program the next step in your personal development!


Opportunity is About:

Deadline: May 15, 2017

Cost/funding for participants:

Prizes & Scholarships

  • Participants can learn more about the application process and apply for the CIMBA MBA Leadership Program here. The deadline to apply is May 15, 2017 and to be considered for the scholarships you need to apply here on Sqore as well.
  • Multiple scholarships are available though CIMBA’s Prospective MBA Leadership Student Challenge (see below).
  • GMAT/GRE scholarship- Awarded by the Consortium of University to full-time students. This scholarship requires a GMAT score (or equivalent GRE score) equal to or above 650 for citizens of countries with English as the official language. For citizens of countries where English is not the official language, the required GMAT score (or equivalent GRE score) is equal to or above 600.
  • Stefano Andreello Memorial scholarship- A memorial scholarship in the name of Stefano Andreello for MBA students who possess the spirit and enthusiasm for learning and inspiring others.
  • Cultural diversity scholarship- Open to international MBA applicants who are citizens of countries in South America, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.



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