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Church of England to Authorize the Baptism of Animals – Report

The Church of England is about to authorize the baptism of animals, reports Christian website, christiantoday. The General Synod, due to meet in July, will consider an advisory report by a group of bishops and others.

Synod members will be invited to examine the implications of the introduction of a liturgy for pets in the light of an emerging consensus on the value of the environment and a growing awareness of animal sensitivity and awareness .


Speaking at a press conference to highlight the report’s key findings, the Honorable James Graham, chair of the committee, said:

“The kingdom of God is to renew all creation, including the created order. It will be possible to envisage a situation where dogs, cats and other pets are baptized to symbolize their full integration into the renewal of all things.

“In the past, we have seen humanity as something distinctive, special and set apart. Now, science is telling us that many of the features we once believed to be limited to men and women are shared with other species, including kindness and empathy. God is surely the one who will fully welcome every creature created with his characteristics in his kingdom “.

“After all, look what I have in common with monkeys and chimpanzees; we are all primates, “he added.

When asked about how animals could make baptismal vows, Bishop James said, “It’s amazing what animals can do. I taught my dog ​​to play Widor’s Toccata during wedding ceremonies, “he concluded.


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