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Church Installed Baby Bin For Parents Who Want To Dump Their Newborns In South Africa

The Berea Baptist Church of Johannesburg came up with an ingenious way to save the lives of thousands of babies.

The ‘Door of Hope’ program has saved the lives of about 1500 babies

The church installed its first ‘baby bin’ back in 1999, a special door where parents could anonymously leave their children that they did not want.

Back then about 50 children would be left for dead or killed by their own parents each month! Some of the parents would flush their newborn babies down toilets or throw them off high buildings.

The church estimates that they saved the lives of about 1500 lives ever since they implemented the baby bin program.

The staff of the church are alerted when a baby is placed in the bin

The baby bin is a small steel hatch, inside of which is a soft pillow for the baby. When the hatch is opened, a sensor detects the movement and a staff member is alerted.


The children are then taken in and cared for by the South African refuge. The first child that was ever placed in the bin has already grown up and is a volunteer for the church.

Georgina Smith is now 19 years old and was adopted by an American family. However she returned to South Africa to help care after abandoned babies.

A spokesperson for the church stated: “What an honor and a privilege to see her again. She has grown into a lovely young lady. She continues to be a symbol of hope to all abandoned and orphaned children.”

No need to kill your babies, leave them here! Baby bin installed for parents who want to dump their newborns (photos)

Before the program 50 unwanted babies were being killed each month in the country


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