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Christianity In Africa: Enrichment or Impoverishment?

According to an article by Gilbert Koimé in 2012, “the African people spend most of their time in church praying and begging God”but, “in return the expected result is very skinny [because] the pauperization , misery, suffering, wars, underdevelopment are their daily lot “while” Europeans, who do not apply the biblical words continue to flourish and dominate those who are sleeping in temples to worship God, have always dominated and have always done evil without the God of justice intervenes.

For Koimé, the Bible has little impact on the lives of Africans, which leads naturally to wonder if “the God of the Bible” is suitable for Africans, if they do not benefit from “love the original God we had before the arrival of whites eliminating course the widely acknowledged bad practices and adding that White would have brought positive in the Bible. “such an option, he believes, would allow us both to be masters of our destiny and masters of ourselves as “the Asian peoples [that] in any case have rejected out of hand their culture to only embrace Western culture.”

Koimé was he correct in arguing that if Africa continues to be dominated, despised, downtrodden and exploited by the West, it is partly because we have accepted the lie that Western culture (customs , religions, knowledge and know-how, etc.) was less valuable than that of Westerners? Yes, because our culture was a lot of good things. All those born after colonization should have done everything possible to keep this culture, not as such, but the redacting of its negative elements. Unfortunately, we left the White kill our culture. Then, without embarrassment or judgment, we kissed hers. Now this “murder” cultural we endorsed never prevented those who made us share the gospel to treat us as sub-human.
How things have they spent in Asia (China, India, Japan, etc.)? There are certainly Christians and Muslims on the continent but these are Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism, local religions that drain there the most people. Asians are respected and feared by the West and the West will think hard to treat them as it treats Africans. Why ? Because they are not as permeable than us, because they do not let impress as easily as we, because, except for a minority who converted to Christianity and Islam, they retained religions of their ancestors.Africans, they have thrown away or abandoned the religion of their ancestors to embrace those of the West, the East and Arabia. But writing John Henrik Clarke, “whenever you turn away from your own conception of God, you are no longer a free man. No need to put chains on your body, because the chains are on your mind. Every when someone comes to tell you that your God is ugly, get rid of your God and join his God there is no hope for your freedom until you believe again in your own concept of “divinity.” and so we are trapped. We were educated to believe the concept of one god, and the standard of beauty for someone else. “ We have adopted other religions even though the other be not interested in ours. We are so proud that we were ready to kill or die for them. Great, but these foreign religions, which are far from being truly adopted the African man, have they done him good? The were they freed from ignorance, fear, sickness and Western domination? Some answer (and no one can contradict them) that Christianity has built schools and hospitals, he stood up for women in particular African country where she was bullied, abused and oppressed. But the same Christianity he has, through the Vatican and / or French Catholic missionaries, condemned the interference of France in our business, the looting of our wealth, coups and rebellions since fomented 1960 by the french government in Africa? Did he protest when Nyobe Um, Olympio, Lumumba, Sankara and other major African patriots were murdered by the West? How has it and how he applies this word of Yahweh: “this the fast that I choose: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free, and that ye break every yoke “(Isaiah 58: 6)?


It is clear: the intake assessment or action of Christianity in Africa is not limited to health centers and schools built by missionaries. It is rather an overall assessment or complete it appropriate to deliver. The issue of sovereignty and freedom should figure prominently in this assessment because what is an educated man who is not master of his destiny? Weighs a man can read and write but who have no control over the riches of its soil and subsoil? So I repeat my question: Christianity, Islam and Judaism have they dealt well with the African man? Did they high? Have they made better? It did they bring more peace, consideration, freedom and justice? For Mbombog Mbog Bassong, ‘once implemented, these religions have been used for political domination, conquest of territories and mind control of the masses throughout the world, slavery and colonization of Africa ” . He added: “These religions spread terror and desolation and destruction since they have returned to Africa, so that the results of these religions in Africa is a negative record”:

I will not say, as Bassong, that the record of Christianity in Africa is unfavorable for some reason I have already mentioned: he built not only hospitals but where schools are out most of those who lead our country today. That said, I regret that Africans are incapable of speaking with one voice on important issues because they belong to religions that do not always have the same doctrines and concept of God. To illustrate, I will cite the case of the Ivory Coast, where the Catholic bishops demanded the release of political prisoners, on 22 May 2016. The prelates want the expansion of pro-Gbagbo jailed for 5 years without trial three reasons: the 2010-2011 war pitted two camps;violence and crimes were committed by both sides; Justice should therefore not charge a single camp. The imams them silent; they refuse to comment. But it is true that “who says silence is consent”, can such silence be interpreted otherwise than as complicity with the dictatorial regime of Abidjan?

Mbog Bassong advocates that “we must return to us, stop being the other and become us.” I do not know how many Africans will follow his advice and dare leave foreign religions to become followers of the Bwiti (Gabon), the Vodun (Benin), the Dehima (Ivory Coast), the Matsouanisme (Congo – Brazzaville), the Kimbanguism (Congo – Kinshasa), etc. I know, however, how important it is for people to speak the same language, to have a common position to be welded when the life or death of the group of the group is in. Now we have foreign religions divided. Some “Christian” churches that see everywhere witchcraft, began to separate children from parents, the woman’s husband’s brother’s sister. At this pace, the group did not risk it simply disappear? Chinua Achebe had seen the danger through Okonkwo’s uncle who said: “I am afraid for you young because you do not understand what force have family ties … A man can now leave his father and his brothers. He can curse the gods of his fathers and ancestors, as the dog … the hunter who goes mad and turns against his master. “

As written by Jean-Claude Djereke

Source: Connectionivoirienne


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