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This Chinese Tycoon Is Ready To Pay 180 Million Dollars To A Man, Who Would Make His Daughter Marry Him!

Can money help turn lesbian woman straight? Well, this man thinks so. He is incredibly wealthy, but his daughter is a lesbian. The man is willing to pay 180 million dollars to a man who could make his girl fall in love with him and get married!

This man can pay milions of dollars to turn his daughter straight

They say Nigerians are keeping him busy with their offers as some of the best love makers in the world! Presently it is known that his daughter is in love. And her partner is not a man. She is in a steady relationship with another woman. No wonder her dad is worried. It is not a typical situation for the Chinese culture.


Plus, the super rich tycoon surely hopes his girl would bear him grandchildren, which would be hard unless she meets a good man. So, he decided to resort to his usual tool – the money to fix the situation. This pretty much shows the man has no clue on how to talk to his daughter, and he is in despair.

This man can pay milions of dollars to turn his daughter straight

Since he has made the rich offer, men from all over the world got 20 000 “no” answers. He increased and even doubled the sum until it reached the incredible 180 million US dollars.  His little girl remains faithful to her views of life and her female partner. This far no lucky man could win her over!


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