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Chinese Parliament Ends Presidential Term Limitation, Xi Jinping to Remain President for Life

The Chinese parliament on Sunday abolished presidential term limits, a move that gives Xi Jingping the opportunity to remain president for life, reports the BBC.

The constitutional changes were adopted at the annual session of the National Assembly. By 2,958 votes, the deputies voted a change of the constitution, which limited the presidential terms to two times five years.

At 64, President Xi Jingping, the most powerful for at least a quarter of a century, will be able to stay ahead of the end of 2023.


The adopted amendment also brings “Xi Jinping thinking” into the constitution, as does the “leading role” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its first article.

The draft amendment was made public two weeks ago, much to the surprise of the Chinese. The two-term limit was imposed in the 1982 constitution by Deng Xiaoping, in order to avoid a return to the dictatorial Mao Zedong regime that ruled the country between 1949 and 1976.

According to analysts, it is a new tyrant to the Mao who rises on China. For Western observers, this change may augur an upsurge of repression against opponents of the regime.


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