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Chinese Open Their Own 13th Police Stations In South Africa

Now Chinese are opening their own Police Stations in South Africa, they have already opened 13 & this one was opened yesterday in PE.

They even teach police to speak Chinese so that the Chinese people don’t struggle to communicate with them.

The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga was among many dignitaries attending the opening of the new Chinese Community and Police Cooperation Centre and the 3rd term opening of the Chinese language training programme in Port Elizabeth on the afternoon of 28 October 2018.

This is the 13th centre to be opened nationally by the Chinese community. The Provincial Commissioner in her address to the audience expressed her appreciation to the Chinese leadership in the province.


“My confidence is also derived from the long term economic relations our country has with the Republic of China. With the strengthened and deepened relationship between South Africa and China, the SAPS has benefited by finding its role in order to further the existing relationship within the police and the Chinese community. On the other hand, this relationship has also found its expression in the educational programs involving our police members. I congratulate the Chinese community for the noble initiative established in the Province and Clusters in Port Elizabeth. I celebrate with you, the opening of the New Chinese Community and Police Cooperation Centre as well as the 3rd opening of the Chinese Language Training Centre”, added Lieutenant General Ntshinga.

The Councillor (Police) of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Pretoria, YU Yuan included in his speech that the Chinese community will be model citizens for abiding to the laws of this country. They have pledged to support the police members and encouraged the police and the Chinese people to work together to build safer communities. After the official opening of the centre, there were martial act demonstrations and dragon dancing. The event ended with a sumptuous meal comprising of Chinese food and delicacies.





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  1. How South Africa can be naive to return to a social system that Nelson Mandela and others fought hard to end. South Africa is putting its self in the same predicament that they were in doing Apartheid, now instead of the white man having them live separately in their own country the Chinese man has come to belittle the people and take over the continent of Africa. China having 13 police stations is a sure sighing of a political and economic takeover.
    Who’s speaking out against the atrocity in Africa,send China home they will take over your country like the white man.
    Closing, when will the political Chief’s will learn not to sell their people for economic gain of money for themselves.
    Praying you guys go forward and not backwards.

  2. Opening a Chinese Police Station in South Africa, when did they own the state?
    Apart from that, one thing I didn’t understand is that why does it have to be Africans learning the Chinese language to communicate with the Chinese Policemen not the Policemen learning Afrikaans, Zulu or basic English to communicate with the people?

    Our people are so naive and I think it’s time to wake up and do something.

  3. This is THE most overt and visible takeover, so visible Ray Charles can see it from the dead…and he was blind. When they take over your land, your people will be SLAVES to their own land….What is the hell is going on in Africa?! Many continents are being taken over. Quit being so DOCILE….They are ranging a cold war against you. First religion now this. The Continent of Africa is the last place to own. Once this is done people who look like us world wide will be murdered and enslaved, no matter how educated, proud, wealthy, confused, or content you are. Do the research.

  4. Well, well, well. The Chinese have had their eye on Africa for decades. I saw a very strong presence in Tanzania over the last few years.

    They have their plans – make no mistake. They have observed laziness, ineptness and incompetence. And just when it looks like things are going to collapse, presto! There they are (solution at hand) – a new Mercedes for the right people in the government, and the keys to the country are handed over.

    Mark my words, within a couple of years African soil will be used to grow vegetables for the Chinese. Their land will be taken up with manufacturing plants, and the food needs to come from somewhere, so why not Africa?

    Pacify the locals with some work – a steady source of money, a place to live and something to eat. Keep them docile and dependent upon them. But Africa in general, South Africa in particular must not despair. China will probably give them a discount on vegetables.

    Regarding all these police posts – are they there to enforce law and order, or are they just “spying posts”, relaying valuable information back to China.

    As long as Africa plays around and sits on its a**, there will ALWAYS be willing opportunists waiting in the wing for these kinds of situations. And remember, the Chinese are like viruses – they will grow and grow and grow.

    Africa – Cry the Beloved country(ies)

  5. These community center are not police stations. A brief search would have cleared that up. shoddy journalism. There are no jail cells, weapons, police officers present. Only language training with local cops.

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