Chinese Man Wanted In Malawi For Racism Charged With Human Trafficking

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A Chinese national accused of racism and exploiting children in Malawi was charged with human trafficking in the capital Lilongwe on Monday, local media reported.

Lu Ke, 26, was arrested last month in neighbouring Zambia for illegal entry after fleeing Malawi when allegations of abuse surfaced.

He allegedly filmed children singing racist chants about themselves in Chinese – which they did not understand – and then selling the videos on Chinese social media.

Lu was extradited to Malawi and appeared in court Monday where he was charged with five counts of trafficking in persons. State prosecutors say more charges are expected to be laid when investigations conclude in two weeks.

Senior Magistrate James Mankhwazi denied Lu bail arguing prosecutors demonstrated that the accused is a flight risk, has no definitive place of stay and could interfere with witnesses who are minors.

State prosecutor Prescott Mwayiulipo argued in court against releasing Lu on bail to protect him from a general public angry over the videos.

The Chinese embassy in Malawi condemned the accused’s actions in a statement last month, saying “the Chinese government has zero tolerance for racism.”

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