Chinese Cuts Off Nigerian Worker’s Finger in Cross River, Nigeria

A Chinese worker, identified as Njaga Chang, has allegedly cut off one of the right fingers of his Nigerian colleague at the Xin Xin Quarry in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State, Southern City reports.

The 23-year-old Nigerian victim, Nsikak Tommy, was said to have incurred the wrath of the Chinese for failing to quickly turn on the generator at the quarry site.

Chang was said to have initially attacked Tommy with a water hose but later resorted to the use of
machete when the victim took to his heels.

Narrating the incident to Southern City News on Sunday, an eyewitness, Ene Bassey, said the
Chinese was quickly taken away to an unknown destination in Calabar after the incident happened.



“The incident happened at about 4.30 pm on Saturday. The Chinese man was angered by the Nigerian’s slow response when he was told to turn on a generator at the quarry. Chang had initially started with insults on the Nigerian, but later attacked Nsikak Tommy with a water hose.

But as Tommy tried to escape from the assault, Chang chased him with a machete. He first deflated the tyres of Tommy’s motorcycle to prevent him from fleeing and tried to cut his head. Instinctively, Tommy raised his hand to block the cut aimed at his head. In the process, the machete cut off one of his fingers. He was left in a pool of blood as he cried for help.

It was later learnt that the police in Akamkpa arrested and later released Chang on bail.

Confirming the arrest, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. John Eluu, said he got confirmation from the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the Akamkpa division that Chang was arrested but released on bail after they had agreed to settle the matter.



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  1. I can foresee more of these incidents are yet to come as our African leaders are queuing to sell the remnants of our beautiful continent to China. Unfortunately judging by what we here the labour force in that country experiences, we as Africans have now decided being on the frying pan is not enough, we now want to dance on the actual flames. Wishing this brother a speed recovery and may the peace of God be upon him.

  2. We need fare judgement this can’t happen he needs to face the consequences of his action if our own govt can’t protect Nigerians in her own country then the country is finished. If reverse was the case in China that guy would have been facing jail term.

  3. the dirty chinese filth should at least lose a finger for the crime and then the whole arm for daring to insult an Afrikan the way it did as an invader.

  4. Nigeria Police? I doubt if they are going to take any further step on the matter, you know the reason now! MONEY SPEAKS.
    But as a matter of fact, you dare not do that in Chinko land and go 90%, that person will serve jail term in not hang to death. I pity this country, for foreigners to come and do whatever do want and go away with it…God have mercy.
    The victim, Tommy, receive divine help to recover speedily

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