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Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma Reveals What Could Cause Third World War

Jack Ma participated in exchanges at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The founder of Alibaba drew the attention of the participants to the danger of the evolution of technology that could be at the origin of the next war between the powers of this world.

The evolution of technology is a danger for men. It could deprive jobs in a few years. Jack Ma, who was taking part in talks at the World Economic Forum in Davos last Thursday, believes that the world could experience its third war due to the development of artificial intelligence.

The billionaire who sits at the head of a fortune estimated at $ 35 billion according to Forbes, explains that if the first two technological revolutions led to the first two world wars, the third technological revolution that we are currently experiencing, will in turn lead, The Third world war.


“The First World War was due to the first technological revolution. The second technological revolution caused the Second World War. Now we are witnessing the third technological revolution “. Jack Ma said.

For one who is considered one of the richest on the planet, the current teachings given to children should change. From the moment robots walk with fleas, and men with hearts, men, especially children, should not be asked to think like robots.

“How can we teach children to be more creative and do things that machines can not do? Machines have fleas, but human beings have hearts. Education should go in that direction, “said Jack Ma.


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