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China’s President Xi Urges BRICS Leaders To Forge New Path Towards Closer Cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called upon leaders of the BRICS member states to use the Johannesburg forum to kick-start a new journey of enhanced cooperation.

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President Xi made the remarks in a keynote speech which he delivered at the opening session of the BRICS Business Forum in the South African city.

“We BRICS countries will forge a partnership on the new industrial revolution, which involves more coordination of macro-economic policies, closer cooperation on innovation and industrialization and joint efforts to accelerate economic upgrading and the replacement of growth drivers,” Xi said.

While noting Johannesburg’s reputation as the city of gold, the Chinese president urged the BRICS leaders to ensure the 2018 Summit charts a course for a golden decade for the member states.

“I understand that in the Nguni Language, Johannesburg means ‘the place of gold’. In this sense, we just cannot find a better place to chart the course for our golden decade than in this city of gold. Here in Johannesburg, I look forward to working with other BRICS leaders to embark on a new journey of BRICS cooperation and fulfil our mission,” he said.

The theme for the 10th BRICS Summit is: “BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution”.

The theme is reflective of the core priorities of each one of the BRICS members, notably to strive towards the creation of an inclusive society and global partnerships that will bring prosperity to all humankind.

Other than President Xi, all the other BRICS leaders are attending the BRICS Summit; Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Narendra Modi (India) and Michel Temer (Brazil).

Other countries have also been invited to the Summit in various capacities, including Rwanda as the Chair of the African Union, Namibia as the incoming chair of SADC and Togo as the Chair of ECOWAS.

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