China: US Stealth Planes Now Within Reach of Chinese Army Radars

The biggest Chinese company North Industries Group Corporation that produces military equipment has recently developed a new radar to detect stealth fighter jets, reported Fars News.


If this radar is installed on a satellite or an aircraft, it can change the situation on the military plane.

According to the  South China Morning Post , North Industries Group Corporation has tested a device capable of transmitting terahertz waves. The test took place last week in a research center in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, the newspaper added.

The terahertz waves used in radar are capable of identifying stealth weapons up to hundreds of meters away. A more advanced version of this radar is being developed. It will be placed on the early warning systems of airplanes or on satellites in order to be able to detect the American stealth planes F-22 and F-35.


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