China Trade Week Opens In Kenya

The fourth edition of China Trade Week opened in Nairobi on Wednesday as local consumers expressed interest in products manufactured by the Asian nation.

Flags representing China and Kenya outside the Nairobi Convention Center, the site of the 2018 China Trade Week (Kenya)

Adan Mohamed, the Cabinet Secretary for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, was joined by executives from leading Chinese firms to launch the three-day trade fair and exhibition.

“China remains our biggest trading partner and we look forward to increasing the volume of goods and services traded between our two countries,” Mohamed said.


The 2018 China trade week attracted 500 companies that exhibited products ranging from electronics, lighting equipment, mobile phones, textiles, construction materials, food and beverages.

Organizers said they expected some 3,000 people to visit exhibition stands showcasing high end products manufactured in China.

Mohamed said Kenya will leverage on a robust bilateral trade with China to achieve the Big Four agenda on manufacturing, food security, affordable housing and universal health coverage.

“We remain open to Chinese investments in areas that bring transformation to our citizens. By investing in our manufacturing sector, China will be able to penetrate other markets while creating jobs for locals,” said Mohamed.

He noted that China trade week offers an opportunity for Kenyan consumers to purchase high quality products from the Asian giant at an affordable cost.

The three-day China trade fair and exhibition will help demystify myths that have undermined Sino-Kenyan trade.

James Mureu, the National Vice Chairman of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), said that Nairobi should leverage on exhibitions and fairs to strengthen bilateral trade with China.

“We now have an opportunity to interact with Chinese manufacturers and leading entrepreneurs and if possible apply their successful models to enable our economy to grow,” Mureu said.

He noted that Kenyans consider China a one stop shop for manufactured goods that are cheaper and of high quality.

The annual China Trade Week has presented an opportunity for investors in the Asian country to explore opportunities in Kenya and the wider eastern African region.


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