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China: This Robot is Being Used in China to Protect Medics from Coronavirus

In hospitals in China, robots are used to control the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

At Haidian Hospital in Beijing, Xiao Bao was placed in the service of suspect and infected patients who were placed in quarantine.

Controlled remotely by medical personnel, it transports medicines, takes temperatures and spends time educating patients on precautionary measures.

Dong Jianping, director of the infectious diseases department of the hospital, said that this robot is of paramount importance to them because staying too long with patients poses high risks for medical staff. It also facilitates exchanges between patients and doctors.

Haidian Hospital is one of the first in the Chinese capital to use the robot in the fight against the spread of the epidemic.


The hospital is also experimenting with the use of disinfectant robots and other service robots. All these measures are aimed at minimizing the dangers for medical personnel.



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