China Tests Weapons That Can Reach The United States In 14 minutes

China is about to test a hypersonic wind tunnel called “Hyper Dragon”, to simulate hypersonic devices capable of carrying nuclear missiles and reach the US in just 14 minutes.


According to Stephen Chen of the South China Morning Post, it is the fastest wind tunnel in the world to simulate hypersonic flight at speeds of up to 12 kilometers per second.

Zhao Wei, a senior scientist working on the project, said the researchers intended to operate the facility by 2020 to meet the pressing demand of China’s hypersonic weapons development program.


“This will boost the technical application of hypersonic technology, mainly in the military sectors, by replicating the environment of extreme hypersonic flights, so that problems can be discovered and solved on the ground,” said Zhao, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Ground tests will significantly reduce the risk of failure when test flights for hypersonic aircraft begin.

The most powerful wind tunnel in the world is currently the American LENX-X plant in Buffalo, New York, which operates at speeds of up to 10 kilometers per second, or 30 times the speed of sound.

-Zero Hedge


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