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China Reportedly Gives France An Ultimatum to End The Colonial Pact in Africa

The colonial pact (also called the regime of the Exclusive) is a trading system imposed by the European countries to their colonies in the seventeenth century and according to which the colony can only import products from the metropolis while it should export only to this one

Few people know it. But there are indeed secret agreements signed between the former French colonies and their former administrative authority, France. These agreements concern many areas, such as the military, politics, but especially economic agreements.

African countries must deposit their financial reserves with the Banque de France. Thus, France “keeps” the financial reserves of fourteen African countries since 1961: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, France, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

China, which owns 40% of crude oil production in Congo, must transit through the central bank of France before bringing capital and funds to the Congo, which takes time and depreciates the Chinese currency. China no longer wants this and will be ready for a change in the relationship France – Africa

According to our sources in the Chinese government, there have been secret meetings between the Chinese and French to end the colonial pact to some former French colonies where the Chinese have the greatest interest. It would be 6 of the 14 African countries forced by France to pay the colonial tax.

Our sources reported that China has given France a five-year ultimatum to end this colonial pact with these six countries or face serious economic sanctions. France has shown no interest in putting an end to this colonial pact with the African countries concerned. Stay tuned for more information about this.

Source: Africa24,info



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  1. Are African people all little children? They can oppress their people, commit genocide against rival tribal groups but somehow become frozen and petrified to stand up to White Europeans? So now, what? China is the great father and protector of Africa because Africans are children who can’t fend for themselves? Africans should be insulted by the actions of both Europe and China. But by now its apparent to the whole world that it is impossible to humiliate or insult Black people.

    • I hear you, but frozen in and with time is the development of tribal vs. traditional, old vs new, village vs. urban, possess land vs. reclaimed, health vs. education, and finally, the youth (and many of them) with the wonderment of technology. As it has been said, ‘it’s complicated,’ but they/African are not children, just coming of age. You, contribute/volunteer some time effort and thought, make a difference w/your knowledge statement!.

  2. With what military might are the Africans going to stand up to France with. They must be able to have a strong enough infrastructure to do this.

  3. China is good muscle to have behind you when you want to buck the whites, but what’s it going to cost. Armageddon is in the making, valley of Jezreel not far away. Gather those armies, array them for battle and The Most High Eloihim Yahuah will plead with them, for his inheritance sake. We’re ready.

  4. Really guys, you speak as though France came in and didn’t massacre millions along with the Portuguese Spanish English etc. Children!? When your ancestors have rape pillaged and stolen everything for centuries through war and superior weaponry, a tax is the nice part. Weapons and the ability to commit attrocities with them as a people is the only reason Africans have been abused for so long by Europe etc. Not because they’re somehow less impacted by the dogged and sick behaviour of European countries but because that behaviour is constant till this day. The effects of white colonisation and war is felt by every native people to date. You sick bastards talk as though your evil ancestors and businesses equipped with army protection, to date! are somehow doing what they’re doing in Africa without a gun to sombodys head.

  5. May the power of love unites us may it deepen our compassion goodness and love .may it open our eyes and may we remember who we truly are brothers and sister I speak to you ! Open your hearths to love and don’t let politics or media fool you ! Look within be that what you seek in the world ! I love all of you

  6. Can you leave us with A reference? Something?

    Dang. It kills the possibility of exposing it when all you have is some obscure ancient reference that no one can verify

  7. Why does it have to done by China and not by our African leaders? Have spine and stand up to any oppression against Africa and remove Africa from the shackles of colonialism, economic bullying by world powers, IMF and The World Bank. Restore Africa’s dignity.

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