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China Plans to Launch An Artificial Moon in Space

China may soon launch a facility that is supposed to reflect the light of the original moon. However, it will exceed 9 times the true moon in terms of brightness. It is in the Chinese city of Chengdu that the project was inaugurated. As the country’s press reports, it could allow the future to give up the street lights.


For the Chinese newspaper called the People’s Daily, said moon was named ” Moon artificial “. This Chinese innovation could soon be launched in space to light the streets.


Since its inauguration on Oct. 10 in Chengdu city, located in west-central China, the device put in place reflects the light of the real moon. However, it is supposed to be nine times brighter than the Earth’s satellite and could thus make it possible to give up the street lights, the diameter of the zone that it would be able to illuminate being between 10 and 80 kilometers, as we let the daily know.

The launch of this artificial moon could take place by 2020 because the technical conditions to achieve this feat are already met, reports the media.

The idea put forward by the Middle Kingdom echoes a Russian project of the year 1993. By that time, the country had tested a space projector called Zemlia-2. The spacecraft sent a 5-km-wide spot of light to Earth and was traveling at 8 km per second at the speed of the Progrès cargo ship, which was developed to supply the space station Salyout 6 as part of the space program. Soviet.


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