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China opens performing school for monkeys

The performing school for monkeys was opened in Dongying, with 30 Japanese macaques and the furry students will learn tricks and mathematics.

China’s new school for monkeys has certainly raised a few eyebrows and it could be one of the world’s most curious school.

The “macaques performing school” for monkeys, a first of its kind was opened in Dongying, with 30 Japanese macaques, which are snow monkeys and the furry students “are expected to learn tricks, such as walking on stilts and mathematics, and will be sent around China after their training to enter the entertainment industry,” Dailymail reported.


The monkeys are also expected to receive daily physical training and “academic” lessons and after their graduation the monkeys will tour the length and breadth of China to showcase their trickery and skills.

Source: Dailymail


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