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China Largest Interchange System!! “Chongqing, The City You Wouldn’t Want To Leave In”


Straddles on five levels, cars in all directions: a new road interchange mocks Chinese motorists, disrupted by this giant to the paces of spaghetti in concrete.

The Huangjuewan interchange was completed last week on the outskirts of Chongqing, an immense metropolis in southwestern China, after eight years of work.


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The structure is superimposed on five lanes, the highest of which is 37 meters. No fewer than 15 should be built to allow vehicles to move from one level to another in eight directions, says the municipality’s website.

This nightmare for GPS has ignited the imagination of Internet users. “If you make a mistake, you will arrive one day late in Chongqing,” warns a commentator on the Weibo social network. “My GPS told me: go where you want and leave me alone! “, Joked one user, while another christened the metropolis” Chongqing, the city that one can not leave. ”


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