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China, Kenya Collaborate to Boost Healthcare

The Chinese government is collaborating with Kenya’s health ministry to provide Computed Topography (CT) scan units supply and installation programme for 37 hospitals across the country.

The project was launched on Saturday with the aim of bettering the provision of healthcare in the East African country.

In installing the units, the government placed emphasis on hospitals located along major highways with a view to enhancing fast and accurate diagnostics on victims of emergency cases such as road accidents.

The CT scan centres will also aid in early detection of various forms of cancer.

Under this initiative, the government has contracted Neusoft Medical Systems, a Chinese medical equipment manufacturing company, and Megascope Healthcare, who are their local partners, under a government-to-government collaboration with China.


The collaboration will see 37 radiologists and radiographers travel to China for training on use of the machines.

Health minister Sicily Kariuki said the Kenyan government would subsidize the cost of CT scans in line with its agenda to ensure universal health conerage.

Kariuki also said her ministry would put up a centre of excellence and a cloud imaging centre at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in Nairobi.

“This means patients accessing these services can actually wait for their results real time since it connects to all county CT scanners for reporting second opinion, teaching and referrals,” she said.


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