China Is Preparing For War By Building Refugee Camps On The North Korean Border – Report

Following escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, China is preparing for a potential third world war, Fortune magazine notes in an article.

China stands ready to respond to the threat of a third world war so near following the intensification of tensions on the Korean peninsula following the crisis between the United States and North Korea.

According to the magazine, China has already started construction of refugee camps on its borders with the North Korean neighbor.


The news about the construction of these camps came as Washington said through his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, that he is ready to sit down with Pyongyang at the negotiating table “without preconditions”.

The tension remains extreme between Pyongyang and Washington, because the American President, Donald Trump, judging it “useless” to discuss with North Korea.

A possible influx of North Koreans clearly shows that even the Chinese ally could not calm the fire between Pyongyang and the United States of Trump. Beijing is taking the necessary measures to prevent it.

According to reports, 5 localities are planned for the construction of potential refugee camps in three villages and two cities on the Chinese border.

“A logical step” to face a war so “real” and “close” judges North Korean commentators.


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