China Hands Over Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone

An airport worker checks the shipment of medical supplies donated to help Africa for fight with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from Chinese billionaire Jack Ma and the Alibaba Foundation, after it arrived from Ethiopia at Blaise Diagne international airport in Thies, Senegal March 28, 2020.REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

The second batch of medical supplies donated by the Chinese embassy were handed over to Sierra Leone here on Monday to help the country’s fight against the Novel coronavirus.


The donation includes 10,032 testing kits, 5,000 PPEs, 15,000 N95 respirators, 150,000 surgical masks, 7,000 medical goggles, 7,000 medical gloves and 3,000 medical shoe covers.

Hu Zhangliang, the Chinese ambassador to Sierra Leone, said, “We are glad to know that these items have been essential in enhancing the competency of the Sierra Leonean heroic fighters.

I believe that this batch of medical supplies will help consolidate what Sierra Leone has achieved so far in the fight.”

Hu said China will continue to help African countries by providing supplies and facilitating Africa’s procurement of medical items in China.

Hu said Sierra Leone has achieved commendable results in combating COVID-19, adding that Sierra Leoneans have displayed the fine qualities of discipline, unity and resilience in the battle.

Sierra Leone’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nabeela Tunis said the donation is a testament of the existing ties between the two countries’ friendships.

Sierra Leone’s Health and Sanitation Minister Alpha Tejan Wurie thanked China for its support. “You will only know your brother in time of need,” he said.


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