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China Creates Hyper-Muscular Dogs, Are Superhumans Next??


China just got a step closer to having an army of human super soldiers after they announced their genetically engineering hyper-muscular super dogs.

The dogs, which are test tube bred in a lab, have twice the muscle mass of their natural counterparts and are considerably stronger and faster, reported

The canine genome, which has a close similarity to the human genome, has been especially difficult for scientists to engineer and replicate.

The genetic manipulation success in China has led to fears the same technology will be used to create armies of weaponised super-humans.


David King, director of Human Genetics Alert (HGA), is concerned about where this technology could lead.

He told Express, “It’s true that the more and more animals that are genetically engineered using these techniques brings us closer to the possibility of genetic engineering of humans. ”

“Dogs as a species, in respect of cloning are very difficult, and even more difficult to clone human beings. ”

“There’s no medical case for it, the scientists are interested in being the first person in the world to create a genetically engineer child.”

“They’re interested in science and the technology and their careers. They will continue pushing the regulations for it.”

“That does set us on the road to eugenics. I am very concerned with what I’m seeing.”

The Chinese researchers first self-bred cloned dog was named Little Long Long.

The beagle puppy, one of 27, was genetically engineered by ‘deleting’ a gene called myostatin, giving it double the muscle mass of a normal beagle, said Express.


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