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China-Africa: “Where is France?”, Asks Former Chadian Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister of Chad Albert Pahimi Padacké, gave an interview to RT France to discuss the strengthening of cooperation between China and Africa. In particular, he deplores the fact that Western aid and investments are crumbling.

The partnership between China and Africa is in good shape. On the sidelines of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in Beijing on September 3 rd and 4 th, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that he wants to unlock $ 60 billion for Africa’s economic development and cancel the debt of some of the world’s most precarious. Surprise: this promise is conditioned by no political concession.

Asked about it by RT France, Albert Pahimi Padacké, Prime Minister of Chad between 2016 and May 2018, spoke of “win-win” exchanges between China and Africa. On the other hand, he deplored the decline in Western investment.

If the Western media criticize these advances by taxing the Empire in the middle of neo-colonialism – its massive investments can indeed allow it to dictate its rules and durably endorse the States – the former Prime Minister of Chad does not share these critics.

According to him, with Africa, Africa does not suffer from the annoyed past it shares with the Western countries that colonized it: “It turns out that after independence, Africa is today the continent the poorer which has an exponentially growing population. Africa needs to build infrastructures for the education of its children, for health, […] for development in general. It turns out that in the world today, only China offers to support Africa for its development. “


Only China offers to support Africa for its development

He deplored the decline in Western investment in Africa. If they remain high, they become modest considered country by country. Meanwhile, in ten years, China has become the first creditor of Africa. And since 2008, Africa has been trading more with Asia than with Europe.

In comparison with the aid announced by China, Europe has injected 21 billion euros of aid to Africa in 2015. The volume of trade between China and Africa amounted to 126 billion dollars in 2016 according to the Chinese Ministry of commerce, against 286 billion in 2015 for the whole of Europe. While the trade between France and Africa reached according to INSEE 54 billion euros in 2014.

“I would take the example of France, which has colonized all the so-called francophone African countries. But where is France today in Africa? She is not here! “, Observes Albert Pahimi Padacké. “Its former colonies need to develop, but how to develop if there is no external input? Hence the interest of this cooperation with China! “, He says. According to him, the economic situation of Western countries is perhaps one of the reasons for the lack of dynamism of their investments. “Whatever the will of France today, it has become one of the most indebted nations in the world. France may not have the resources needed for massive investment in Africa, “he observes.

But where is France today in Africa? She is not there !

If the former head of the Chadian government notices the decline in French investments, it also notes that of the hexagonal aura. “French culture is not expanding in Africa, although Africans have made the French language their business. […] We must support this: it turns out that France does not provide this support to the development of French culture in Africa, “he said.


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