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China-Africa: France Allegedly Asks China to Stop Exploiting Its Raw Materials in Africa

Centuries old, relations between China and Africa have never been stronger than in the last fifteen years. And the level of commitment of the Middle Kingdom on the continent has reached new levels. 

This offensive is being carried out by both public and private companies, political decision makers and diplomats, and is as much the result of spontaneous actions as a strategy well orchestrated by Beijing.

All international investors see Africa as an important reservoir of minerals and are attracted to Angolan and Nigerian oil, Congo and Zambia copper, and Namibian uranium. But Europeans and Americans also perceive it as a worrying source of instability, migration and terrorism, while China prefers to focus on its opportunities.


Recently, the companies of the Middle Kingdom have managed to secure their access to cobalt, crucial for the production of batteries of electric cars, by buying billions of dollars shares in the mines of DR Congo, the world’s largest producer .

Indeed, at the recent Chinese-African summit in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to invest nearly $ 60 billion in Africa to help the continent develop. A welcome announcement by the 53 African Heads of State present, who agreed to give their raw materials to China in exchange for these funds.

For their part, the “historic partners of Africa” ​​decided to react. This is particularly the case for France, which has decided to increase its share of donations to the African continent, with the aim of reaching 0.55% of GNI, Gross National Income, by 2022, as explained recently the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves le Drian at the headquarters of the French Agency for Development. France has also asked China not to exploit its resources in Africa, especially its Ex colonies.

France has warned China against under-exploitation of African raw materials, especially the 14 African countries to which France receives a colonial tax.



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